WA AROWANA Nutri Sticks Floating Sticks 200g


  • WA AROWANA Nutri sticks Floating Sticks
  • Protein ā€“ 46%
  • Fat ā€“ 6%
  • Fibre ā€“ 4%
  • Moisture ā€“ 9%


WA AROWANA Nutri sticks Floating Sticks
The complete nutrition for Arowana fish in sticks shaped feed. With added color enhancers for the vibrant color sheen naturally.

Feed typeĀ ā€“ Floating Sticks


  • Fish meal, Soy bean meal, Fish hydrolysate, marigold extract, Krill meal, shrimp meal,
  • Soy-lecithin, Fishoil, Astaxanthine, Phycocyanin, Beta-Carotene, Spirulina,

Yeast powder, Vitamin A, D, E , K & C,Vitamin B complex,

  • Trace minerals (Cu, Na, Fe, I, Mn, Co, Zn & Se) Amino acids (18 types) , and Essential fatty acids.

Feed twice a day. Remove uneaten feed. Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Keep at room temperature.
Arowana fish may not accept the fish feed during introduction of this feed, if fed with live fish or any other feed. Kindly starve the fish and try feeding everyday until it acclimatize to the new feed.


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