Live plants in your aquarium have special needs, just as your fish do. There are different types, and they provide a host

  • Foreground Plants

    Foreground Plants (3)

    The 8 Best Aquarium Carpet Plants for Beginners Java Moss. This is definitely one of the common aquarium plants that you can find on the market today. ... Dwarf Baby Tears. ... Dwarf Hairgrass. ... Marsilea Minuta. ... Sagittaria Subulata. ... Glossostigma Elatinoides. ... Hemianthus Callitrichoides. ... Marsilea Hirsuta
  • Rhizome & Rosette Plants

    Rhizome & Rosette Plants (10)

    The rhizome of a rosette plant may branch out, too, thus developing new leaf rosettes (adventitious plants). The photo above explains the structure of a Cryptocoryne. The roots grow below, above them there is a branched rhizome with multiple leaf rosettes.