Bucephalandra wavy green tissue culture


Bucephalandra (or “buce” for short) is a genus of rheophyte plants that grows along the banks of fast-moving streams in Borneo. They grow emersed (or above water) during the dry season and submersed (or below water) during the rainy season. Buce plants often have oblong leaves with wavy edges, but some types are more circular in shape, skinner in width, or have straight edges. The foliage greatly varies from light to dark greens, and certain varieties come with red, purple, or bluish tints.


How to Plant Bucephalandra

Like anubias and java fern, buce plants have a rhizome, which is like a thick stem or trunk that sprouts both leaves and roots. The great thing about rhizome plants is that they do not need to be planted in substrate. You can easily wedge them between a crack in a rock or more firmly attach them to decor using sewing thread or super glue gel. Be careful not smother the rhizome with too much glue or else it may suffer. For more details, read our post on using super glue to attach plants.