GreenHorns Bio-fertilizer for aquatic Plants

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Green Horns bio fertlizer has to be use once in a week while u change water or cut the plants. It enhance photosynthesis process, fix the nitrogen in ur tank so you could not face any cyanobacterial issue. It is the best fertilizer to enhanse the plants growth. The seaweed will make your plants stress free.


Its made in India product.



GreenHorns Stress-Go 50ML

Anti-stress Solution for plants

• GreenHorns Stress Go is Anti-stress solution It Helps in photosynthesis, Optimize plant immunity and resistant power.
• Stress Go is a bio degradable and organic therefore it does not create adverse effect on environment.


• Use 5 drops per 50L every week after water change/plants cutting

GreenHorms Zymoz 50ML

Seaweed Extract

Zymoz contains Seaweed Extract. It Enhances the rate of photosynthesis and promotes faster growth of plants.

• Use 3 drops per 50L every week after water change/plants cutting


GreenHorns Azobac 50ml

Nitrogen Fixing Microbes

GreenHorns Azobac is a Nitrogen Fixing bio fertilizer that fixes free nitrogen from available in the air.

Doses :

• Use 2 drops per 50L twice a week or after water change


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