Chip Chops Roast Duck 70g


  • Rich in proteins
  • No added sugar
  • In reseal able bag
  • Chip Chops has goodness with nutritional benefits for your pet’s well being
  • Chip Chops snacks are made of fresh chicken
  • Are suitable for feeding as a snack or a reward to show your pet love

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Your dog will go crazy over this tasty Chip Chops roast duck treat that is healthy and highly digestible. Specially prepared with all the nutritional benefits, it can be used as a snack or a reward.

Chip Chops is a great way to keep your pooch motivated and encouraged to learn. While training your dog, it is a must to keep rewarding the dog to reinforce good behaviour. It is one such snack; as it is made of fresh meat. This dog snack provides a pure, tasty and highly digestible treat. This treat is filled with nutritional goodness and is suitable for feeding as a snack, rewards for good behaviour and to show your pet love with some indulgent pampering.

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