Chip Chops Dog Treat, Devilled Chicken Sausage, 75g,


  • Delightfully crunchy every day snack for your pet
  • Chip Chops dog treats are carefully prepared to provide a pure, tasty and highly digestible snack
  • Product is highly nutritious.
  • Recommended for all dog breeds
  • No added sugar, In resealable bag¬†¬†

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Chip Chops Dog Treat, Devilled Chicken Sausage is a tasty yet nutritional dog snack, this treat pack from Chip Chop is highly digestible too! Use it as a snack or a reward, this treat pack is a guilt-free way to shower love to your dog.


Fresh Chicken, Water, Corn, Starch, Soybean separation, Protein, Food additives, Sugar, Monosodium and Glutamate

Nutritional Value

Protein – 30.8%

Fat – 6.7%

Ash – 2.9%

Fibre – 0.1%

Moisture – 23%




  • Made of real fresh chicken meat
  • Meat content 60% (chicken & liver)
  • No added spices
  • Highly nutritional and digestible
  • Use it as a snack or a treat
  • FDA APPA approved dog treat.

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