Twinstar S3 sterilisers


Twinstar S3 is safe for sensitive fishes like Wild Discus, Discus, Altum Angel, Angelfish, Apistogramma, etc.

recommended tank size: 60L


  •  Prevents algae & fish disease
  • More effective
  • Does not affect biological balance and aerobic bacteria
  • Keeps aquarium disease free.
  • Last longer than UV sterilizers


TWINSTAR is made for prevention of fish disease as well algae from aquarium. Has advantages compared to an UV-sterilizer. It has the doubled sterilizing power and a tripled lifespan compared to an UV-sterilizer.

Twinstar kills fish disease or mold spores inflow irregularly from outside or inhibits the growth of them to keep aquarium fish safe. It is designed not to affect important biological balance for preservation of a closed ecosystem, so users can manage the aquarium easily and safely, and prevent fish disease.

Fish disease caused by a combination of 3 factors, such as the environment, immunity, and fish pathogens. If the environment, immunity lowered and pathogens increased, fish disease would occur. Pathogens are everywhere in the air or water, or inside of the fish body, but healthy fish have immunity against pathogens so that they can’t get a disease. But if water quality declines or water temperature changes drastically, fish’s immunity will decrease and pathogens will increase, then they will have a higher risk of disease.

Twinstar effectively kills fish disease by strong sterilizing factors, so it doesn’t need to run 24 hours like UV sterilizer. ALC algorithm doesn’t affect aerobic bacteria and helps to kill pathogens, so it’s safe. Sterilizing power of UV sterilizer in general aquariums can rapidly drop after 3 months but Twinstar keeps performance over 12 months.