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Twinstar M5 algae destroyer



Inhibition of Green algae growth
Promotes plant growth

Effect on type of algae

  • Hair/Thread algae : 95%
  • Brown Algae : 90%
  • Blue green : 80%
  • Fuzz algae : 80%
  • Green Dust algae :80%
  • Green spot : 85%

sutaible for tank upto : 140L



Twinstar inhibits green algae effectively without a harmful influence on aquarium

ecological environment, and keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial propagation.

Sterilizing factor with microbubbles destroy cell wall of green algae to inhibit growth, and it is nontoxic so harmless to aerobic bacteria. Promoting aquatic plants growth by inhibition of green algae on plants, those plants can elevate absorption of excess nutrients to block nourishment of green algae growth. Therefore it makes Virtuous Cycle ecological environment.

Twinstar promotes plants growth up to 50% at the most. It increases the amount of light on the surface of plants by inhibiting algae from the beginning. Also it activates microelements in water to help to take nourishment.