Glass lilly pipe Set (13mm)


  1. made of high quality glass
  2. water current sleeplessly adjustable
  3. full control over agitation of water surface
  4. suction cups and hose connector included


  • Elegant design with high quality hand made glass
  • The special design outflow pipe can create gentle water flow into the tank
  • The narrow slits on the inlet pipe will not suck in debris like plants’ leaves
  • Deliver clean water with appropriate flow speed
  • Glass transparency give superb appearance to your aquarium
  • Make an elegant curved line in the box-shaped aquarium
  • Use with canister filter


Inlet & outlet pipes set

Glass Spray Bar Set distributes the water current very evenly in the aquarium. With the help of the included piece of hose the installation is very easy and flexible. The option to steplessly adjust the angle of the water flow in regards to the surface of the water gives full control over the agitation of the water surface. When installed above the water level, the Glass Spray Bar Set can induce additional oxygen into the water.


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