Geenosis aquarium planting tweezers


Have you tried using tweezers for the planting? It is easier, and you avoid that plants float to the surface when water is added.

  • Eases the planting in new and established aquariums
  • High quality stainless steel
  • For planting of both tiny carpet plants and larger plants
  • Also a great tool to help you place Nutrition Capsules in the bottom layer
  • Grab the plant at the root with the tweezers and press the plant into the gravel, until it’s exactly where you want it to be. Let go carefully, and pull the tweezers away. Try it next time you plant a new plant. The tweezers are also indispensable when cutting top shoots of stem plants and you wish to replant them next to the old stems.

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Geenosis aquarium tweezers are manufactured carefully to use for the professional aquarist. It is rustproof product with high quality metal & powder coated. Easy to handle and design to plant in any smallest area of your tank.


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