• Type: Stem
  • Origin:¬†Asia
  • Growth Rate:¬†Fast
  • Height: 20-30+ cm
  • Light Demand:¬†Medium
  • CO2: Medium


IC011 ADA Tissue Culture Rotala rotundifolia green (cup size: short)

Rotala rotundifolia “Green” also know as Rotala sp. “Green” is a hardy and versatile plant that are commonly used in the midground and background areas of the aquarium.¬†This beautiful stem plant is native to¬†Southeast Asia and is as easy to keep as the standard form of Rotala rotundifolia.

It is undemanding in fertilizers, carbon dioxide and substrate composition; however Rotala rotundifolia “green” enjoys receiving direct light. It will grow adequately in low light compositions, where most of the leaves will remain a bright green. However, iron and NO3 should be present to avoid stunting the plant. Takashi Amano uses this star-like stem plant frequently in his aquariums.

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