Eleocharis parvula mini (Dwarf Japnnes hairgrass) scape TC POT


Dwarf Japnnes hairgrass

  • Forms low-growing fine-leaved lawns
  • Reliable ground cover
  • Light green coloration

A low-growing Eleocharis that forms runners close to the parent plant. It is prettiest planted in small bunches quite close to each other, which will gradually form a solid mass of plants. An ideal foreground plant, equally suited to large and small aquariums.


The hair grass offered under the name Eleocharis parvula forms a dense, low-growing (under 10 cm in height) light green lawn of hair-thin leaves. In reality, it probably belongs to the species Eleocharis pusilla originating from Australia and New Zealand. This reliable ground-covering plant is used in aquascaping very often.

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