ADA Aqua Soil – Amazonia Ver.2


Aqua Soil – Amazonia Ver.2 is released as an ADA’s new substrate material.
Amazonia Ver.2 is an updated product from the existing Amazonia II made from natural black soil. The Amazonia II hardly causes water turbidity and discoloration compared to the original Amazonia. As leaving the characteristic of the Amazonia II the same, Amazonia Supplement to strengthen the nutrients of the substrate comes with Amazonia Ver.2 anew.
The Amazonia Supplement are pellet type solid nutrients with even stronger Nitrogen contents as a main nutrient combined with components contained abundantly in the original Amazonia effective for growing aquatic plants. When setting substrates, by adding some of the Amazonia Supplement under Aqua Soil, it helps grow healthier aquatic plants.
Amazonia Ver.2 is easy to use and helps grow healthy aquatic plants. Please enjoy beautiful Nature Aquariums with Amazonia Ver.2.

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Easy to use and helps grow healthy aquatic plants

ADA had developed Amazonia Light and Amazonia II to prevent turbid or colored water and algae outbreak. But, because so many users requested us to develop a new product for growing healthier aquatic plants, Amazonia Ver.2 is eventually developed after improving the issues. Aqua Soil Amazonia Ver.2 has the following features.

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● Because the same raw materials are used for Amazonia Ver.2 as Amazonia II, the quality of water tends to become slightly acidic, also turbid and colored water or algae outbreak are unlikely to occur.

● Amazonia Supplement comes with Amazonia Ver.2 a new as an additional source of nutrition. Because Amazonia Supplement contains the same nutritional components and organic acid as the original Amazonia, by strengthening the nitrogen content even more, healthy aquatic plants grow.


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