Aquatic Remedies Kalkwasser Mix 100gm


  • Calcium and ph booster
  • Calcium is an important factor for the growth of corals
  • Regulates physiological activities in fin fish
  • The high quality Peruvian fish meal supplies an easily digestible source of protein
  • This super premium fish food will not pollute the aquarium water


Calcium and pH Booster. Calcium is an very important factor for the growth of corals. Regulates physiological activities in fin fish.


1. Mix the required dosage of kalkwasser mix into a cup of clean fresh water.
2. Wait for 5 minutes for the precipitate to settle down. Disperse only the clear top solution in the aquarium surface.
3. Discard the settled precipitation


Calcium level in the marine aquarium shall be maintained at 350 – 450 ppm. pH level shall be maintained at > 8.1. Use a calcium and pH test kit to maintain desirable level in your aquarium.


100 g treats approx. 3300 L. 1 tea spoon approx. 3 grams treat 100 L.


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