Aquatic Remedies Invertebrate Food 30gm


  • Food for all filter feeding invertebrate
  • Mix 1 gm for approximately 150 litre of water
  • Feed the spirulina coated fish feed regularly for vibrant and strong colour pigment formation for all type of fish

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Food for all filter feeding invertebrate such as anemones, starfish, clams and all other soft corals. Ingredients – fish meal, cyclops and phytoplankton. Application – add 0. 5 Gram (equal to half spoon) of invertebrate food to a cup of water. Mix thoroughly and pour in to the aquarium. 1 Gram for approximately 150 litre of water. Turn off all pumps and protein skimmer for 10 minutes during this application. Manufactured by iso 22000 Swiss certified facility. Raw material origin – fish meal – Chile/Peru, fish oil – Peru, defatted soybean meal – usa, wheat flour – Australia/japan, yeast powder – brazil, soy lecithin – Taiwan. Instruction/caution – remove the uneaten fish food after feeding time. Keep out of reach of children. Keep the product in dry place at room temperature. Not for human consumption.


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