API Bio Media – filter Media


Available in 3 sizes
Bio Media 0.5 Ltr / 250gm – suitable for small filter or hob
Bio Media 1 Ltr / 500gm – suitable for small canister / external canister filter
Bio Media 2 Ltr/1 kg – suitable for external canister filter
Free: Media Bag is provided along with the Bio-Media for the limited time
• Improves Water Quality. Perfect medium to establish Nitrogen Cycle and help eliminate Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and to prevent other poor water quality related diseases.
• Ideal Bacteria Conditions. Due to its porous nature, it creates ideal conditions for billions of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria within a single filter medium. The result is a faster bacteria colonization time, stable and longer bacteria life span.
• Largest Effective Surface Area. BET Method surface area analysis has determined the effective surface area of API BIO-MEDIA to be in the range of 2550m2 / litre, far surpassing other biological mediums in the market.
• pH Neutral. pH-inert material does not modify pH; suitable for soft-water.
• Flaking of Bio-membrane. Continuous use of API BIO-MEDIA causes deposits (like dead fish, decaying plants, shrimp exoskeleton, etc.) and organic particulates (like fish food, fish waste,etc.)which accumulate over time and reduce your filter medium’s effective surface area over time. API BIO-MEDIA introduces the concept of bio-membrane flaking that minimizes the clogging of cavities and micro-tunnels when used under good filtration conditions.
• API BIO-MEDIA can be used with all kinds of freshwater based aquariums, ponds and waterbodies. It can also be used with all kinds of filters that have space to house bio media (like Hang On Back Filters, External Canister Filters, Overhead Filters, Trickle Filters, Sump Filters etc.)
• Environmentally Friendly. API BIO-MEDIA can also be reused for horticulture purposes due to high mineral content and non-toxicity.
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API BIO MEDIA is a mixture of porous filtration media specially designed for recreating the water purification system of the nature.
Porous natural stone has a high permeability and provides an ideal environment for filtration bacteria to colonize.
It also helps to remove organic substances, which become a cause of water pollution and degrade quickly through the work of microorganisms.

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