Sunsun HW302 external canister filter

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Features & details

  • Canister filters for aquariums use high water pressure, from a properly powered pump, to force water through the dense filter media.
  • A pump can draw water from an under-gravel filter, and run it into a canister for double filtration 3 media trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media; Comes with an adjustable spray bar.
  • This is a helpful feature if you want to adjust the output flow from the filter
  • Convenient self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning; Single valve disconnect & priming pump ease routine maintenance Provides quiet, efficient filtration for fresh and saltwater aquariums.
  • This Canister Filter is great for living rooms, offices or bedrooms.


A great advantage of the aquarium external filter is that space is not wasted inside the aquarium. An aquarium external filter can easily be placed under or next to the aquarium. For an optimal positioning the hose connections on top of the cover are rotatable at 360°. The large container volume ensures a cleaning with very large filter volume. There is enough space for various filter media.

The Sun Sun Aquarium External Filter HW-302 can easily be connected to aquariums with a water volume of up to 250 liters. So the handling of large-sized aquariums is easy. The pump capacity is 1000 liters per hour. The aquarium external filter provides a high flow rate, however it works quietly. The rubber stands provide an optimal vibration damping.

The super quiet aquarium filter technique of the SunSun HW-302 aquarium external filter is suitable not only for freshwater aquariums but also saltwater aquariums. Sun Sun HW-302 3 stage external canister filter is ideal for tanks up to 250 Litre aquarium system. The SunSun HW-302 includes filter pads, hoses and all the parts you need to get started. The three flexible media trays allow you to add other filtration media such as activated carbons, ceramic rings or bio-balls (purchase in separately) to achieve excellent mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

The HW-302 canister filter also has a convenient self-priming pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning. Media trays capable of handling your choice of filtration media Capable of mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. Easy installation, no messy assembly Includes filter pads, hoses and all parts to get started.

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