Sobo Aquarium air pump SB-108


  • Long lasting performance
  • energy saving design
  • low noise and big output
  • comes with air speed control
  • suction cups to fit any aquarium

Instruction for use

  • connect air pump with air stone or filter via air tube
  • to prolong pump life replace air stone periodically
  • Never allow pump to come into contact with water

Aquarium ImportantĀ safeguard

  1. Disconnect all plugs of the electrical appliances before putting hands into water.
  2. We recommended that air pumps and other electrical aquarium devices should be connected to power supplies with ground fault circuit interrupters.


Single air Outlet Pump

Sobo aquarium air pump SB-108 is the most popular aerator for your aquarium. It has super outlet for air flow which provides best air flow which help maintain oxygen level to aquarium. As sobo is the most popular and cheap aquarium products brand Sobo air pumps are become a favorite brand for aquarium hobbits generation. The advanced air compressing system, shock mitigation system and multilevel muffler helps to noise low, 4 rubber feet design also helps stop vibration,energy saving and long life service.


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