Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish


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Feeding Guidelines

  • Whiskas is a complete and balanced meal by itself
  • Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal
  • Please serve on a daily basis, as per the cat’s body weight
  • Serve Dry and Wet food in different bowls
  • Recommended to feed twice a day
  • In case your pet does not enjoy Whiskas cat food, continue with the mixture of Whiskas cat food and current food for a few more days
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Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish is a complete and balanced dry, pet food recipe, rich in protein (for lean muscles) and
calcium (for the development of strong bones). A broad range of added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,
strengthen the vitals, teeth, fur, skin, immunity and overall health of your pet kitten.

WHISKAS Junior Ocean Fish – complete and balanced meal for a kitten’s vital system that strengthens it from the
inside-out. Serve your four-legged friend a bowl of expert-crafted nutrition.

WHISKAS understands the nature, behavior and requirements of cats, thus this recipe has been crafted keeping in mind all that your playful little kitty needs to grow well in all aspects. Serve WHISKAS Junior Ocean Fish kibbles and watch your little junior crunch and munch its way into becoming a strong, beautiful, healthy and active cat. Nurture its Nature; the right way, with the right meal.

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