RS Electrical Aquarium Hanging filter RS-4000

2,200.00 950.00

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  • filter material have percoration function
  • excellent combination of motor and pump
  • flexible installation and easy to be maitained
  • fit all tanks and zoology aquariums etc
  • economical and safe
  • super performance

To clean pump, remove the front plate and the inmpeller,use a small brush or strearn of water to remove any debris.
A clogged or dirty intake screen will greatly reduce performance.if the pump is used on a dirty surface
Raise it slightly to reduce the amount of debris contacting the intake.if less is described,adjust the flow control lever

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Water fall style bio filter. Stylish looking filter made for your aquarium with high performance and long lasting components. A perfect cleaning filter pump for your medium or small sized fish tank.convenient for mute effect.has a biochemical filter plates with carbon. rs electricals Waterfall Style Bio Filter for Marine and Freshwater Aquarium filter.

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  1. aquadunia

    Good filter

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