Resun SMX 1000 Hang On Filter

2,799.00 1,999.00

Model: SMX1000
Recomemded Tank Size: 152-288L (40-75 Gal) Power: 7W
Output: 1000 L/H



4-stage Filtration System.
Mechanical Filtration. The filter floss strains out suspended particles.
Chemical Filtration. The activated carbon in the filter cartridge helps absorb undesirable odors, pigments and toxins.
Biological Filtration. The bio-cartridge helps promote the growth of aerobic bacteria that converts harmful water by-products such as Ammonia and Nitrite into relatively harmless nitrate for optimal water quality.
Aeration Filtration. Water flowing through the filter is aerated, adding necessary oxygen for increase fish activity.
Flow adjuster allows you to adjust your preferred flow-rate.
Made from quality ABS plastic for greater durability.
Designed to be easily maintained.


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