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Idear For Direct Fed Coral

A nutrient package that stimulates feeding response.

    Coralific Delite is a revolutionary diet, specifically developed for corals and their unique nutritional needs, offering two modes of feeding; “Targeted Gel Feeding” directly on the mouth of a specific coral or “Squirt & Go Feeding” which allows the coral polyps to capture the food in the water column like they would zooplankton.
  • Contains necessary nutrients inverts require, specifically; trace elements, proteins, vitamins and astaxanthin for vibrant coloration.
  • Physical properties that are similar to floating zooplankton. Unlike other powder-type foods, Coralific Delite will not dissolve rapidly or cloud your aquarium water.

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  • Targeted Gel Feeding Mix two parts tank water to one part Coralific Delite to form a gel. Wait 3 minutes to set then use a dropper to place mixture on the mouth of the coral to be fed.
  • Ideal for many LPS (large polyp stony corals) and sea anemone which have larger mouths.
  • Squirt & Go Feeding
  • Mix four parts tank water to one part Coralific Delite to form a low viscosity liquid with a creamy texture. Use a dropper to squirt food with a slow motion in the vicinity of the corals to be fed. The viscosity can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of tank water.
  • We recommend Hikari Marine CORALIFIC DELITE as a daily diet for
    Soft corals like horny coral and feather dusters which have a smaller mouth.


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