BOYU ACQ 002 Air Compressor

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  • Electromagnetic linear motor with high efficiency. Low energy, oil-free air compressor for smooth operation with SF3 composite bearings for low noise and long life.
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Instructions to Use:

Ensure correct installation according to power requirements, must be earthed. To avoid water flowing back, the machine must be above water level. Keep protected from rain and sun light. Do not cover pump (to ensure proper ventilation and cooling). Clean filter sponge regularly in order to guarantee pure air output.

Model: ACQ-002
Power: 35W
Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
Output: 30 litres per minu
Dimension: 130 x 72 x 79 millimetres

Power: 35 W
Voltage : 230/115V
Frequency: 60/50Hz
Pressure: 0.020 MPa
Output: 30 L/min
Size;130 x 72 x 79mm


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