ADA Aqua Conditioner Chlor-Off 250ml

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  • Removes chlorine from the water fast and reliably
  • Improves water quality for fish and shrimps
  • Increases the well-being of your tank inhabitants

Chlor-Off is a chlorine neutralizer for removing free chlorine in tap water. It makes water change risk-free even during winter when chlorine level contained in the water gets higher.

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The most fundamental factor in the environment to have fish is “water”. Among tropical rainforest rivers which are the habitat of most tropical fishes, there is a special environment called ‘Blackwater’ and a lot of colorful fish live there. To recreate a conducive environment for fish in an aquarium, it is necessary to create water close to their habitat.

Tap water contains residual chlorine which is harmful to tropical fish and other aquatic life. CHLOR-OFF is a chlorine neutralizer for removing residual chlorine and makes water changes safe by application in tap water.



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